Pneumofore Corporate Video
95 Years Anniversary

Rotary Vane Air Ends
for Compressors and Vacuum Systems

Vane vs Screw Animation
Pneumofore since 1923

Vacuum for Hollow Glass
Eye-catching animation

Applications & Testimonials

High Energy Savings in Glass Manufacturing
A Series Compressors for Changyu Glass

Pasta Production with Vacuum
Pneumofore at Berruto Arrighi Italpasta

Vacuum Pumps for Can Production
Pneumofore UV Series at Ball Packaging

Vacuum Pumps for Bricks Production
Pneumofore UV Series at Fornace Calandra

Vacuum Coating of Electrical Windings
Pneumofore at Sicme Motori


UV100 Vacuum Pump

A400.4 Compressor

Vacuum Pumps for Drying
Pneumofore UV H Series

Sponsoring the Art of Glass Manufacturing