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news_Glasstec 2022
Pneumofore at Glasstec 2022
September 21, 2022
The world of glass finally returned to experience the pure trade fair feeling at Glasstec, the No. 1 international exhibition dedicated to the global glassmaking industry. A great opportunity to celebrate the 2022 as the International Year of Glass, discover the sector’s groundbreaking innovations and exchange ideas with the most important companies from all around the world. As a leading supplier of centralized vacuum and compressed air systems for the glass industry, Pneumofore is presenting itself with a new open-view booth concept that welcomes visitors and encourage them to discover the core of Pneumofore Rotary Vane technology, products and the company’s underlying values. With the support of our highly-qualified team, consolidated and new customers have high-level conversations on how to achieve high energy savings, constant performance and the lowest life cycle cost on the market. Spotlights are on the UV24 VS vacuum pump - here presented in its Variable Speed version - which raised great interest from visitors and it is becoming one of the most popular vacuum pump models in worldwide glassworks. The enthusiastic atmosphere and response from the fair have been excellent, which make us looking very positively into the next year. Pneumofore welcomes you at Glasstec, Hall 13 / Booth A71!
Pumping Non-Stop 20 Years long
Pumping Non-Stop 20 Years Long
June 14, 2022
Part of a UV30 vacuum pump from 2002 has returned to Pneumofore for its first overhauling after 20 years of continuous operation. Only the air-end was sent for revision. The machine has been running at Glassforce in Nigeria to support the moulding process of container glass. The vacuum cools the mould and reduces defects, as it evacuates all the air to enable fast and complete loading of the mould with hot, liquid glass. The overhauling in this case was limited to only the replacement of the bearings as the vanes are still in great condition. A second UV30 vacuum pump continues to run at Glassforce without ever having required overhauling, notwithstanding its 160,000 hours of operation thus far.
news_Latamcan 2022_380x224px_rev01
Latamcan 2022 in São Paulo
May 18, 2022
A successful, widely-attended conference that exceeded the expectations: this was the result of Pneumofore participation at Latamcan 2022, the three-day event dedicated to the canmaking LATAM industry, held this year in São Paulo (Brazil). It was a pleasure to meet colleagues and customers after two years of remote contacts. The event was attended also by Pneumofore President, Eng. Daniel Hilfiker. Pneumofore air compressors and vacuum pumps are running in many can factories in South and Central America at full customer’s satisfaction. The customers’ feedback is of key importance for constantly improving the Pneumofore machine design. With a growing population of Rotary Vane machines in Latin America and trouble-free operation over the years, the feedback from canmakers attending Latamcan was far more than positive and it turned out to be a great show.
news_Air-Tech 2022_380x224px
Efficiency and Cost Savings at Air-Tech 2022
April 6, 2022
The latest innovations in the compressed air and vacuum industry are showcasing at Air-Tech Exhibition 2022, the UK's largest gathering of world-class companies operating in the pneumatic energy sector. Held from April 5th to 7th in Birmingham, the event brings together key equipment suppliers from around the globe, as representatives of the most recent engineering advances in the compressed air, generators and vacuum market. As a leading supplier of centralized vacuum and compressed air systems, Pneumofore is attending the tradeshow to present the benefits of its own Rotary Vane technology and solutions for industrial applications worldwide. On display is a brand new UV24 VS37 vacuum pump in its Variable Speed version. The UV24 vacuum pump is the result of 20+ years’ engineering experience and it is a rising star among the UV Series models. Pneumofore is also among the main speakers at ‘The Knowledge Hub’ session, with a seminar entitled “Cost Savings in Vacuum and Compression” hosted by Pneumofore CEO, Mr. Rolf Hilfiker. When it comes to the supply of compressed air and vacuum for industrial applications, operational and energy costs can have a huge impact over the years above the initial investment. Pneumofore highlights all the key factors that should drive the purchasing evaluation in order to make a better informed choice in terms of predictable costs and the lower Total Cost of Ownership. Pneumofore welcomes you at Booth C50!
Exponential growth for UV24 sales
UV24 Exponential Growth
January 26, 2022
The UV24 vacuum pump is the result of 20+ years’ experience gathered with the range of Pneumofore UV Series vacuum pumps. After few years from its launch in 2017, the UV24 is rising to be one of the preferred UV Series models. Thanks to its horizontal layout, the UV24 looks like the scaled UV50 vacuum pump, which is the most popular Pneumofore machine and the company's flagship. Developing the new casting required years of R&D, as every size of vacuum pump has its own Air-End designed to be direct-driven by the electrical motor at 1450 rpm running at 50 Hz. The UV24 in its Variable Speed (VS) version can operate between 30 to 65 Hz with the respective capacity values. The UV24 vacuum pump is also available with water cooling, Heat Recovery and it can be fully customized with PLC, SCADA integration, HMI and more options. The unit is delivered ready-to-use after intense testing and it can access an optional Air-End warranty extension, which covers also efficiency in addition to functionality.
Vacuum Systems for Rubber Extruder Degassing
Vacuum Systems for Rubber Extruder Degassing
November 2, 2021
The process of polymer degassing at the extruder is necessary to remove all the air and the residual volatile components. But these gasses can be toxic and aggressive and they can damage and compromise the functioning of standard equipment and vacuum pumps. On the contrary, a tailored vacuum system can separate and remove most of the volatile impurities. Pneumofore supplies the rubber industry since 2008 with dedicated vacuum systems for tyre and hose moulding. Quality specifications, remote control and higher vacuum level are some of the features that can be found in the Pneumofore installations worldwide. The most recent systems are running in Mexico, UK and Romania while many other vacuum systems have been running for over a decade in Italy, France, Poland and India. Customers choose Pneumofore for the durability, ease-of-maintenance and trouble-free operation as well as for the high vacuum level that can be reached by the air-cooled UV Series vacuum pumps.
Aluminium Can…Change?
Aluminium Can…Change?
October 17, 2021
Is there any alternative to PET to preserve, store and transport liquids? PET and other harmful options have a disastrous environmental impact. Does the high percentage of recycling of aluminium cans contribute to slowing down Climate Change? These are the questions central to the “Aluminium Can…Change?” project. Sponsored by Pneumofore, it is designed to encourage students to seriously reflect upon the environmental impact of consumable goods, including both their full production cycle and packaging. The project, which is currently running with the participation of the students of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin (Italy), aims to inspire a new approach toward environmental issues and a deeper understanding of the impact of daily habits. The inter-disciplinary path of the project ranges from the history of liquid containers to the analysis of aluminium characteristics, through art, visual communication, photography and design with the intention of discovering new shapes and uses, whilst promoting a strong awareness of sustainability and environmental concerns. The project will culminate in the publication of a multi-lingual book and an exhibition of student works that will be held by the end of 2021 in the Academy’s impressive circular “Rotonda Talucchi” building. As a leading supplier of high-efficiency and energy-saving vacuum and compressed air systems for the global canmaking industry, Pneumofore enthusiastically supports the “Aluminium Can…Change?” project. The company maintains its ongoing commitment to manufacturing choices which reduce the overall carbon footprint impact. The project is led by the Sehen Foundation in collaboration with the Albertina Academy and with the participation of the School of Artistic Design for Business and the Polytechnic of Turin. For more information: www.sehen.org .
The Advantages of Rotary Vane Technology for Weck Glaswerk, Germany
Rotary Vane Technology for Weck Glaswerk
April 15, 2021
Weck Glaswerk, one of the most historical and renowned glassworks in Germany, is relying since decades on the Rotary Vane technology for the supply of vacuum and compressed air at the IS machines. In 2017, for the expansion of its production plant in Bonn, the company installed the first Pneumofore UV30 vacuum pump. This Rotary Vane machine fully met the expectations. The efficient non-stop operation and the ability to independently service the machine reinforced Weck’s faith in Pneumofore. In fact, the company installed a second Pneumofore UV30 unit, equipped with Variable Speed drive, and commissioned a Pneumofore A400.4 low pressure air compressor for the supply of 3 bar(g). Owing to the steady running of the Pneumofore machines under full load over the years, Weck Glaswerk was happy to document the results and the confirmed power consumption savings with a video testimonial. With a pure and honest testimonial, Weck is demonstrating the improvements achieved in meeting the demanding German carbon footprint reduction rules.