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Glassman Europe 2023
Glassman Europe in Istanbul
February 9, 2023
Pneumofore successfully attended Glassman Europe, the annual exhibition dedicated to the European glass making industry that stopped this year in Istanbul, Turkey, a strategic geographic hub between the continent and the Middle East with a constantly growing glass industry. Pneumofore, was among the keynote speakers at the concurrent technical conference and received positive response from the audience. Pneumofore pneumatic machinery is frequently seen in this part of the planet and in the Middle East where glass was invented thousands of years ago. Pneumofore compressors and pumps are very appreciated as they are designed to run even in hot climates and for their air-cooling operation with no water usage thanks to large radiators and fans. In local glass factories, there are UV Series Rotary Vane vacuum pumps running non-stop since more than 20 years. Some units are still performing as new even after more than 150.000 hours of continuous operation, as dictated by the furnace needs. The solid after sale service structure is linked to national agents and all spare parts and service needs are answered timely. Pneumofore in 2023 celebrates its 100 Years anniversary and received the best wishes for further success from its customers attending the exhibition, grateful for the proven efficiency and durability of their Pneumofore machines.
news_Asia CanTech 2022
Pneumofore at Asia CanTech 2022
October 26, 2022
In can factories, the utility cost may impact for 50% of the total plant energy consumption. This deserves attention. Too often, indeed, the purchasing negotiations of vacuum and compressed air equipment focuses on the initial price only. Purchase price is an immediate fact but enormous savings can be achieved over the medium and long run when considering key factors such as the overall energy consumption, maintenance costs, machine reliability and durability, and the constant efficiency over time. Avoiding suppliers’ promises and relying only on proven data and other can makers’ testimonials can save a lot of money and have a beneficial impact in terms of environmental sustainability. These topics were at the core of the presentation held by Eng. Daniel Hilfiker, President of Pneumofore, during the 2022 edition of Asia CanTech, the most important event for the APAC can industry. As a leading supplier and solutions provider of vacuum and compressed air systems for 2 pcs can manufacturing, Pneumofore was welcomed as a keynote speaker at the conference, as it is listed in the all the major international events and tradeshows of this sector. Great interest was raised by the low Life Cycle Cost of Pneumofore Rotary Vane technology when compared to high long-term costs of other technologies such as screw pumps and compressors. Much appreciation has been expressed for the company’s environmental criteria against planned obsolescence, water waste and carbon emissions. Pneumofore machines have proven to run 24/7 for decades with no efficiency loss and extraordinary reliability, using air instead of water for cooling and ensuring huge energy savings.
news_Glasstec 2022
Pneumofore at Glasstec 2022
September 21, 2022
The world of glass finally returned to experience the pure trade fair feeling at Glasstec, the No. 1 international exhibition dedicated to the global glassmaking industry. A great opportunity to celebrate the 2022 as the International Year of Glass, discover the sector’s groundbreaking innovations and exchange ideas with the most important companies from all around the world. As a leading supplier of centralized vacuum and compressed air systems for the glass industry, Pneumofore is presenting itself with a new open-view booth concept that welcomes visitors and encourage them to discover the core of Pneumofore Rotary Vane technology, products and the company’s underlying values. With the support of our highly-qualified team, consolidated and new customers have high-level conversations on how to achieve high energy savings, constant performance and the lowest life cycle cost on the market. Spotlights are on the UV24 VS vacuum pump - here presented in its Variable Speed version - which raised great interest from visitors and it is becoming one of the most popular vacuum pump models in worldwide glassworks. The enthusiastic atmosphere and response from the fair have been excellent, which make us looking very positively into the next year. Pneumofore welcomes you at Glasstec, Hall 13 / Booth A71!
Pumping Non-Stop 20 Years long
Pumping Non-Stop 20 Years Long
June 14, 2022
Part of a UV30 vacuum pump from 2002 has returned to Pneumofore for its first overhauling after 20 years of continuous operation. Only the air-end was sent for revision. The machine has been running at Glassforce in Nigeria to support the moulding process of container glass. The vacuum cools the mould and reduces defects, as it evacuates all the air to enable fast and complete loading of the mould with hot, liquid glass. The overhauling in this case was limited to only the replacement of the bearings as the vanes are still in great condition. A second UV30 vacuum pump continues to run at Glassforce without ever having required overhauling, notwithstanding its 160,000 hours of operation thus far.