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Pneumofore at China Glass 2024
China Glass 2024 – Report
May 6, 2024
As a trusted supplier of cutting-edge vacuum and compressed air solutions for the hollow glass industry and leveraging on its strong presence in Asia, Pneumofore attended the 33rd China Glass Expo, held in Shanghai from April 25 to 28. This annual event is dedicated on the entire industrial chain of glassmaking within the Chinese glass market, offering a great platform for showcasing innovative technologies and enhancing new business collaborations. With its constant focus on enhancing efficiency and sustainability, Pneumofore's solutions garnered significant attention among the industry professionals attending the event. With the collaboration of its local partner, Ninesun, Pneumofore confirms its dedication to providing localized support and solutions to meet the unique needs of the glass manufacturing sector across China.
Pneumofore at Latamcan 2024
High Energy Saving Solutions at Latamcan 2024
May 2, 2024
Pneumofore featured among the keynote speakers at Latamcan, the technical conference and exhibition for canmakers and suppliers operating in Central and South America and one of the most important meeting points for the metal packaging sector. After the recurring successes in Brazil and Mexico, in 2024 the event stopped for the first time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a record-breaking number of attendees, canmakers and suppliers operating within the LATAM can industry. Leveraging on the company’s 100 years of expertise, Mr. Rolf Hilfiker, CEO of Pneumofore, held a technical speech focused on compressor efficiency in 2-pc can production. Mr. Hilfiker highlighted the available strategies and customized solutions for minimizing energy waste and achieving maximum cost savings and higher sustainability. Pneumofore's participation at the event underscored the company’s focus on the Latin American market, where its presence is constantly expanding and it is supported by a committed local distributor network, like 7Ogun who attended the event. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Pneumofore continues to drive efficiency and excellence, strengthening its position as a preferred partner for the global metal packaging industry
Cantech The Grand Tour 2024
Vision of Sustainable Can Manufacturing
April 5, 2024
Pneumofore showcased its commitment to pioneering sustainable vacuum and compressed air solutions for can production at CanTech The Grand Tour, held this year in Mumbai, India. At each edition, this leading conference and tabletop exhibition gathers together key decision makers, technical experts and global suppliers, maximizing the networking opportunities and providing attendees with access to the latest and most efficient production technologies. Eng. Daniel Hilfiker, President of Pneumofore, featured among the keynote speakers during the technical conference with a presentation that highlighted the company's vision for sustainable can production. With a strong focus on environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, the presentation gave an in-depth overview of Pneumofore's pioneering Rotary Vane technology and the strategies aimed at minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership and environmental impact of pneumatic equipment in canmaking. Leveraging on 100 years of technical expertise, Pneumofore reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the can industry.
Pontfor Video_380x224px
Pneumofore Compressors Running since 1961
March 8, 2024
Since 1961, Pneumofore compressors have been steadily running the manufacturing processes at Pontfor, a prominent industrial player in the steel forging in Italy and Europe. Over six decades of seamless operation, these Rotary Vane compressors have been providing robust performance and durability in a demanding industry like hot forging. This video testimonial highlights Pneumofore compressors' remarkable ability to withstand the test of time, ensuring continuous, reliable operation for decades even a challenging industrial environment. Pneumofore enduring Rotary Vane technology aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction: a value also shared by the environmental consciousness of the customer, who uses renewable energy resources to power his production lines. With over 100 year of industrial expertise, Pneumofore machines have become synonymous of efficiency, reliability and longevity.
news_IIS Natta_380x224px
Inspiring the Future: High School visits Pneumofore Headquarters
February 9, 2024
In collaboration with the local education community, Pneumofore recently welcomed a dynamic group of students for an immersive visit to the company’s factory. Coming from the nearby “I.I.S Giulio Natta” Scientific High School based in Rivoli, the 4th grade students from the Applied Science academic course had a glimpse into the heart of the company’s operations. The visit began with an engaging presentation that highlighted the core of the company’s 100 year-long success: its pioneering Rotary Vane technology. The session sparked curiosity among these young minds as they explored the fusion of theoretical physical knowledge and real-world applications. Diving deeper into the company’s commitment to sustainability, the presentation focused on the industry’s future challenges, such as the importance of having a circular economy approach. Students were encouraged to think about the role of technology in addressing environmental issues for a more sustainable future. The visit also extended beyond the technical aspects, offering some valuable advices to the students on how to excel in job interviews and provided valuable tips to approach a dynamic work environment. After that, the students embarked on a guided tour of Pneumofore state-of-the-art factory, showcasing the different stages of production for a comprehensive understanding of the entire production lifecycle. As a company committed to fostering innovation, Pneumofore was thrilled to host this group of young students and looks forward to support enriching connections with educational institutions for knowledge exchange and growth.
Energy Efficient Vacuum Solution for O-I in France
January 22, 2024
Pneumofore Rotary Vane vacuum pumps have been the preferred centralized vacuum solution for the modernization of the O-I Puy-Guillaume plant, in central France. O-I, which is one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers, is constantly investing into innovative systems and technology in order to increase the production lines’ capability while reducing the energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In Puy-Guillaume, the company rebuilt one furnace and the attached production lines to upgrade the production capacity and increase the plant’s overall energy efficiency. For the vacuum supply at the IS machines, O-I chose a centralized system made of four Pneumofore UV50 VS90 HC air-cooled vacuum pumps. These units are all equipped with Variable Speed drive which allows the vacuum flow to adapt to the real demand coming from the production. The rotation speed of these machines can vary according to the vacuum flow requirements, resulting in more efficiency, more flexibility and higher energy savings. Furthermore, these air-cooled vacuum pumps were supplied in their Hot Climate version, which allows maximum efficiency and seamless operation even in harsh conditions and ambient temperature up to 50 °C. Thanks to the collaboration of Pneumofore with its long-standing French distributor, Gefi, the machines have been successfully commissioned during the last weeks at full customer's satisfaction.
Envases Universales Video (3)
Constant Efficiency and Energy Saving for Envases Universales, Mexico
October 27, 2023
Compressed air and vacuum are extremely important in 2-piece can production. Having reliable and durable equipment is essential to guarantee constant efficiency and high saving in the long-run. Since 2019, Envases Universales relies on Pneumofore for the supply of pneumatic energy in some of its plants in Mexico. Envases Universales is a leading worldwide supplier of quality packaging products for beverage, food and other industrial sectors. The Group is strongly committed to innovative and sustainable solutions in packaging production and to minimize the environmental impact of the full production cycle. Therefore, they choose and cooperate with suppliers that ensure the highest quality standards in terms of efficiency, energy saving and sustainability. Pneumofore vacuum pumps as well as low and high-pressure compressors were firstly installed in the Pachuca plant, Hidalgo. The benefits of using the Rotary Vane technology of Pneumofore are clear to the customer: enduring efficiency, rare maintenance, seamless operation even in Hot Climate conditions are the resulting considerations of Envases Universales, accompanied by the confidence of having the most advanced levels of excellence, energy saving and sustainable technology available on the market.
news_100Y Anniversary Meeting_380x224px
Celebrating Pneumofore 100th Anniversary
October 10, 2023
With the motto of “Inspiring the Future since 1923”, Pneumofore welcomed in Turin its network of distributors and partners from around the world to celebrate the company’s 100 Years of history. The Meeting took place in Turin and it was attended by 16 different nations coming from every corner of the Planet. The event offered the opportunity to retrace the historic background of the company, its evolution through the decades and the international expansion under the guidance of the present generation of Swiss engineers. Projected into the future, the company also presented its plan for the years to come, with a renewed enthusiasm and with significant investments in training the next generation. The event was also a great networking opportunity to further strengthen the collaboration between Pneumofore and its international partners, which strongly contribute to the company’s global success. Obviously, the meeting was also an occasion to taste the excellent Italian cuisine and wines and to walk in the ambient streets of Turin and Rivoli during a sunny and warm weekend.
news_Open Day 2023_380x224px
100 Years Anniversary – Open Day 2023
October 3, 2023
As part of the celebrations for its 100th Year Anniversary, Pneumofore organized a special Open Day held at the company’s headquarters in Rivoli on September 2nd, 2023. The event welcomed all the employees and their families in a festive atmosphere and it gave the opportunity to highlight the company’s remarkable history and to look towards the future with confidence. The 100 Year milestone was possible thanks to the commitment, talent and dedication of the both retired employees and the people who are working for Pneumofore, some of whom over decades. The Open Day was a tribute to this extraordinary journey.