Sharing extensive experience in the field, Pneumofore regularly publishes information concerning new developments in the industry, technology, product development, and applications. By doing so, we seek to promote better standards of quality and to optimize efficiency and safety in industrial plants.

The following articles have been published as news reports by Pneumofore or by industry-specific magazines (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

ico_articolo“Macchine sostenibili tradizione e innovazione”
Almost a century of on-going R&D results and innovative solutions in vacuum
and compressed air.
Interview with Pneumofore President, Eng. Daniel Hilfiker. Published on I QUADERNI DELL’ARIA COMPRESSA, March-April 2022.
[ PDF: Italian ]

ico_articolo“Modernising Vacuum and Pressure in Hollow Glass Production”
The evolution of vacuum and compression technology in recent Industry 4.0 case studies.
Article by Pneumofore President, Eng. Daniel Hilfiker. Published on GLASS INTERNATIONAL, February 2022.
[ PDF: English ]

ico_articolo“Energy-Saving Pump Action”
The advantages of rotary vane technology for glass production at Weck Glaswerk.
Published on GLASS WORLDWIDE, July 2021.
[ PDF: English ]

ico_articolo“Vacuum Installation for IVC in Piedras Negras, Mexico”
Two air-cooled Pneumofore UV100 vacuum pumps running 24/7 since November 2019.
Original version of the article published on “Glass International”, May 2021.
[ PDF: English ]

ico_articolo“Turn-Key Vacuum System for Crown in Mexico”
Tailored vacuum solution for glass manufacturing at Crown Vichisa.
Published on GLASS WORLDWIDE, September 2018.
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ico_articolo“Il ‘Made in Italy’ per il vetro in Cina”
Pneumofore vacuum and compressed air systems for the glass industry in China.
Published on I QUADERNI DELL’ARIA COMPRESSA, October 2016.
[ PDF: Italian ]

ico_articolo“The New Flow-meter Measurement Device at Pneumofore, in 2015”
Pneumofore and pvt-technology: Both winners.
Published on pvt-tec website, October 2015.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGerman ]

ico_articolo“Hollow Glass Moulding Precision“
Exact compressed-air pressure value and vacuum-degree allow faster production. Presentation abstract for the XXX A.T.I.V. Conference at Vitrum. Published on our website, October 2015.
[ PDF: English ]

ico_articoloCentralized Vacuum for Food Packaging
Vacuum centralization is based on the installation of one or more vacuum pumps outside of the production area and their connection to the packaging machines by means of a sole main vacuum manifold. Published in TECNALIMENTARIA, July 2015.
[ PDF: English ]

ico_articoloFocus on Sustainability for Compressors and Vacuum Pumps
Daniel Hilfiker, President and Head of the Technical Department of Pneumofore, looks at how compressors and vacuum pumps could help to achieve greater levels of sustainability. Published in CANTECH INTERNATIONAL, March 2015.
[ PDF: English ]

ico_articoloVacuum Systems for Packaging Lines
Centralized vacuum offers countless advantages, modern factories employ it more frequently. Published on our website, June 2015.
[ PDF: EnglishItalian ]

ico_articoloSustainable Pneumatic Machinery
Several processes in the food industry depend on vacuum and compressed air. Notes by Pneumofore President, Eng. Daniel Hilfiker. Published in TECNALIMENTARIA, March 2015.
[ PDF: English – Italian ]

ico_articolo“Engineering for Sustainability”
Maximizing efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Published on our website, July 2014.
[ PDF: EnglishFrenchSpanish ]

ico_articolo“The Glass Industry in Russia is Extremely Sensitive to Innovations”
Interview on Pneumofore solutions for the glass industry in Russia. Published in GLASS RUSSIA, November 2013.
[ PDF: Russian ]

ico_articolo“Pneumofore Celebrates 90 Years of Success”
A remarkable achievment for a family business that has managed to maintain its traditional roots. Published in GLASS INTERNATIONAL, February 2014.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGermanFrench ]

ico_articolo“Dieta mediterranea: riempire la pancia… con il vuoto”
Best pasta quality, colour and taste thanks to vacuum pumps. Published in TECNALIMENTARIA, January 2014.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGermanFrench ]

ico_articolo“La Pneumofore di Torino ha compiuto 90 anni”
Three generations of Swiss engineers and Italian design. Published in GAZZETTA SVIZZERA, November 2013.
[ PDF: ItalianGermanFrench ]

ico_articolo“Come gestire al meglio una batteria di pompe per vuoto”
A software to control and maximise the performance and efficiency of the vacuum system. Published in AUTOMAZIONE INTEGRATA, October 2013.
[ PDF: Italian ]

ico_articolo“Il vuoto nella formatura del vetro”
Smart controls for the maximum efficiency of a 6 pump system. Published in OLEODINAMICA PNEUMATICA, October 2013.
[ PDF: Italian ]

ico_articolo“Vacuum Systems for Cans”
Daniel Hilfiker, President of Pneumofore, describes various system solutions and technological trends. Published in CANTECH INTERNATIONAL, October 2012.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianFrench ]

ico_articolo“Il giusto vuoto per pasta di qualità”
Dedicated solutions for continuously evolving industrial field. Published in I QUADERNI DELL’ARIA COMPRESSA, September 2012.
[ PDF: Italian ]

ico_articolo“How to Improve Forming and Save Energy”
Reducing the energy costs caused by the huge flow of compressed air on IS machines. Published in GLASS WORDLWIDE, 2011.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGermanRussian ]

ico_articolo“Variable Speed for Energy Savings and Constant Performance”
How to set and keep a specific vacuum level at IS machines.
Published in VERRE, April 2009.
[ PDF: EnglishGermanSpanishRussian ]

ico_articolo“Pneumofore: Vacuum Solutions for IS Machines “
Decades of constant evolution to provide the absolute lowest Life Cycle Cost of vacuum systems for the glass industry. Published in GLASS MACHINERY PLANTS & ACCESSORIES, November 2008.
[ PDF: EnglishGerman ]

ico_articolo“Backing Pumps for Vacuum Coating”
Launching of the UV Vacuum Pump with roots. Published in VACUUM INTERNATIONAL, February 2007.
[ PDF: English ]

ico_articolo“Pompe Del Vuoto – Come Migliorare la Qualità della Pasta”
Vacuum in pasta production and other food applications. Published in MACCHINE ALIMENTARI, February 2007.
[ PDF: ItalianGerman ]

ico_articolo“Water Importance”
The history of human civilization versus water. Today’s world situation and the impact on Pneumofore R&D. Published on our website, December 2006.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGerman ]

ico_articolo“Benefits of Vacuum for Glass Bottle Production”
Centralized vacuum systems, discussion of installation and case studies. Published in GLASS WORLD WIDE, October 2006.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGermanRussian ]

ico_articolo“Vacuum Systems and the Kyoto Protocol”
Power consumption of UV pumps, Life Cycle Cost analysis, Return of Investment calculation in comparison to liquid ring technology with translation into CO2 emissions. Published on our website, March 2006.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGermanFrenchRussian ]

ico_articolo“Geschichtliche Entwicklung der Drucklufttechnik”
Historical development of the compressed air technology.
Published by Pneumofore, April 2002.
[ PDF: ItalianGerman ]

ico_articolo“Pasta Al Dente”
The vacuum needs of the food industry: discussion on applications and case studies. Published in TECNICA MOLITORIA, November 2000.
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGerman ]

ico_articolo“Verdichten und Wahrheit”
Written on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of Pneumofore in Turin, Italy, this paper describes several technological considerations and the personal experience of the head of the company, who played a key role in shaping the destiny of Pneumofore for more than 40 years. Various types of compressors are compared not only for their performance but also for their adaptability to new challenges such as energy saving and environmental respect. Published in DRUCKLUFTTECHNIK, October 1998.
Note: the German title “Verdichten und Wahrheit” refers to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s early literary work “Dichtung und Wahrheit” [Poetry and Truth].
[ PDF: EnglishItalianGermanPolish ]

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