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Vacuum for Ball Packaging in Cabanillas, Spain

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Vacuum for Ball Packaging in Cabanillas, Spain

The Rotary Vane technology was chosen for the vacuum supply of the plant, inaugurated in 2018 and complemented in 2021 with a third production line. This installation follows a series of vacuum systems delivered to Spain for the 2-piece can production. Some Pneumofore vacuum pumps are running at full load since 1999.

In a torrid summer’s day, hardly anything can beat the pleasure of holding a cold aluminium can and drinking a fizzy soda. This is well known in Spain where temperatures can reach up to 50° Celsius in some areas. It is no coincidence that Spain is the second largest beverage can market in Europe.

To meet the growing demand of 2-piece aluminium cans in the country, in 2018 Ball Packaging opened a new factory in Cabanillas, in northern Spain: a state-of-the-art, sustainable beverage can manufacturing facility, strongly committed on reducing water usage and energy consumption.

For the supply of vacuum, Ball relied on Pneumofore. The company installed two UV50 vacuum pumps equipped with Variable Speed drive. With the vacuum level set at 270 mbar(a), the rotation speed of the Pneumofore Rotary Vane pumps can adapt to the requested vacuum flow requirements from the production in order to keep the vacuum level steady during all manufacturing circumstances.

VacMan control system for vacuum pumps

In 2021, the plant was upgraded with a third production line and the installation of another Pneumofore UV50 VS90 vacuum pump. To optimise the working hours of the three vacuum units, a VacMan device was added. The VacMan is a unique management and control system that collects performance data from the vacuum units and controls them remotely. This device can modulate the system capacity from one UV50 VS90 at 35 Hz to three UV50 VS90 at 60 Hz, corresponding to a total vacuum capacity range from 2.000 to 10.000 m3/h.

Considering the pneumatic energy impact on the total energy cost in can factories, having machines with guaranteed constant efficiency over time is of key importance. The Total Cost of Ownership must consider not only the purchasing price of the machine but all the service costs and the electrical power consumption over a 10-year period or even more. Pneumofore vacuum pumps are chosen for their proven low Life Cycle Cost and efficiency on the long run. Moreover, Pneumofore machines do not need overhauling and offer clear maintenance plans with no surprises or unexpected after-sale expenses.

Other Ball Packaging can factories in Spain use Pneumofore vacuum pumps since 1999. After more than 20 years, these units are still running today with steady efficiency, no extraordinary maintenance needs and the clear evidence of durability and reliability.