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Renting Industrial Equipment instead of Purchasing

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Renting Industrial Equipment instead of Purchasing

Experience over time dictates that the reliability and durability of equipment cost a certain price. If the purchasing cost is higher than the available budget, then full renting is a valid alternative. It’s no surprise that machines with frequent breakdowns and high running costs command high monthly fees in long term rental contracts. Indeed, the price tag of a machine is only the tip of the iceberg. The modern approach to investing calls for a detailed analysis of operational costs, service, references, and measured data. This can also require unpleasant meetings with sales agents and the need to decode exaggerated technical data from fancy catalogues.

Irreparable Screw Compressor Air Ends

Full renting is understood as a term of 60 months or more. The customer pays only for the monthly fee and electrical power. All ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is included in the rental agreement: spare parts, solving any operational problems, travel and labour for maintenance, and so on. At the end of the full rental contract the customer has the option to buy the rented equipment for about one or two additional monthly fees.

Pneumofore easily guarantees its rotary vane compressors and pumps for five years operation, read 40.000 hours. Manufactured for over 80 years with the highest design and production criteria in mind, Pneumofore machines offer both exceptional functionality and high efficiency. The gap between these two grows in time, when comparing active-sealed technologies like piston or vane with the non-sealed screw technology. Where Pneumofore air compressors in operation since more than 50 years use the same air-end, screw compressors have a limited air-end life of max. 50.000 hours only. This life expectancy can only be extended by accepting a drastically reduced capacity at same power consumption. This is due to the irreparable consumption of screw air-ends. Rotary vane air-ends are simple and can be overhauled many times with standard lathes, while screw air-ends need to be thrown away and replaced with new ones at nearly half the price of a new machine.

Finally, customers want high air purity and a certain capacity of compressed air at a specific pressure, for the best price. This is where quality machines, designed for longevity and durability and therefore more highly priced, allow lower full rental fees than cheap equipment. There are no surprises during full rental contracts. The administration appreciates not having assets to finance and depreciate. Management likes the absence of sudden and unexpected costs. It is difficult to understand why, with less warranties and higher service costs, the lower-priced equipment is sometimes chosen, especially if it would demand higher monthly fees in a full rental contract.

Pneumofore considers the full rental perspective a fair way to compare manufacturers of vacuum pumps or air compressors. End-users, after experiencing a notable drop in the performance of economically purchased machines, are now demanding longer warranties. But the popular screw air compressors will absolutely not offer the required efficiency over time. The measurement of performance in used machines with three to five years of 24/7 operation dismisses all doubts after comparing actively sealed Pneumofore rotary vane with rotary screw machines. Our technological superiority is just as easily demonstrated through our lower rental fees.