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Focus on Energy Efficiency at Latamcan


Focus on Energy Efficiency at Latamcan 2020

Pneumofore at Latamcan 2020

As a leading supplier of centralized vacuum and air systems for the 2-pcs can industry, Pneumofore was welcomed as a keynote speaker at Latamcan 2020, the technical conference and exhibition for canmakers and suppliers operating in the Latin America metal packaging sector. Held in São Paulo, Brazil, the event is among the major international conferences and tradeshows of this sector. High audience participation and interest was raised by the low Life Cycle Cost approach of Pneumofore Rotary Vane solutions, presented at the technical forum by Rolf Hilfiker, Pneumofore CEO. The presentation focused on the high energy savings that can be achieved with the correct pressure setting in the supply of compressed air and vacuum. In particular, in 2-pc can production, the splitting of compressed air in high and low pressure loops can be extremely cost effective. On the vacuum side, a conservative high vacuum level approach is often useless, unexpectedly highly expensive and not environmentally friendly. The company’s environmental values versus planned obsolescence, water waste and carbon emissions was also highly appreciated. The expanding presence in Central and South America is an acknowledgment of Pneumofore commitment to supply the can industry with pneumatic machines designed for maximum durability, energy efficiency and constant performance over time.