Pneumofore Compressors Running since 1961


Pneumofore Compressors Running since 1961
Enduring Compressed Air Efficiency

Since 1961, Pneumofore compressors have been steadily running the manufacturing processes at Pontfor, a prominent industrial player in the steel forging in Italy and Europe.
Over six decades of seamless operation, these Rotary Vane compressors have been providing robust performance and durability in a demanding industry like hot forging.
This video testimonial highlights Pneumofore compressors’ remarkable ability to withstand the test of time, ensuring continuous, reliable operation for decades even a challenging industrial environment.
Pneumofore enduring Rotary Vane technology aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction: a value also shared by the environmental consciousness of the customer, who uses renewable energy resources to power his production lines.
With over 100 year of industrial expertise, Pneumofore machines have become synonymous of efficiency, reliability and longevity.