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Raising Energy Efficiency Standards @China Glass


Raising Energy Efficiency Standards @China Glass

China Glass 2019

Pneumofore is a traditional exhibitor at China Glass, the Nr. 1 glass industry tradeshow in PRC and one of the leading events for the Asian market, held this year in Beijing from 22 to 25 May. In collaboration with its local distributor, Ninesun, the company presented its state-of-art vacuum and compressed air system solutions for glass production, designed for maximum durability, enduring high efficiency and the lowest Life Cycle Cost.

Energy efficiency concerns, in particular, have taken pole position in China’s corporate agenda and the leading glass manufacturer are making impressive headway on this issue. Like Changyu Glass, the main wine bottles manufacturer in the country and one of the top-four in the Chinese glass containers’ sector. The company turned to Pneumofore to expand and optimize its Yantai glasswork with over forty A Series compressors, after experiencing the superior reliability and efficiency of the UV Series vacuum pumps. With a total nominal power of over 12.000 kW, this project represents the largest compressed air installation realized by Pneumofore for a single glasswork. The installation decreased the overall energy consumption by at least the 15% as testified by the President of Changyu Glass, Zhu Pengcheng, in this video.

Higher profits are strictly related to energy efficiency and making the difference in this highly competitive industrial world is a commitment here at Pneumofore. Comparing the high-standard of Pneumofore Rotary Vane machines with other – probably cheaper – technologies, focusing only on the purchasing price, can lead to overspending in other areas: power usage, frequent maintenance needs, overhauling and the unfair planned obsolescence. Who pays in the long-term?