Rotary Vane Technology for Weck Glaswerk


The Advantages of Rotary Vane Technology for Weck Glaswerk, Germany

Weck Glaswerk, one of the most historic and renowned glassworks in Germany, has relied for decades on Rotary Vane technology for the supply of vacuum and compressed air to the IS machines. In 2017, for the expansion of its production plant in Bonn, the company installed the first Pneumofore UV30 vacuum pump. This rotary vane pump surpassed the customer’s expectations. The efficient non-stop operation and the independence of service reinforced the customer’s trust in Pneumofore. In 2019, a second UV30 with Variable Speed drive (VSD) was commissioned, as well as the low-pressure air compressor A400.4 for the supply of 3 bar(g) pressure. The steady running of all the Pneumofore machines under full load over the years, coupled with the confirmed power consumption savings, encouraged the client to agree to documenting the Pneumofore installation with a video. An untainted client testimonial of the improvements achieved within the rubric of the just and demanding German carbon footprint reduction rules.
The full version of the video is also available in German, along with the English version, on the Pneumofore YouTube channel.