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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication*


Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication*

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

The most popular Pneumofore product is the UV50 Vacuum Pump. Here are 5 units being prepared for shipping. They will be in operation at a major European hollow glass manufacturing plant. All these pumps are air-cooled, equipped with Variable Speed drive for frequency variation from 30 to 65 Hz. This allows a wide range of capacity from 1.650 to 17.800 m3/h, at any vacuum level setpoint between 50 and 450 mbar(a), [16 to 28,4‘’ Hg vacuum] with constant efficiency. The customer chose Rockwell components for the electrical cabinet. They are all equipped with PLC for remote control by means of the exclusive Pneumofore central vacuum system management device, named VacMan.
Pneumofore flexibility in adapting to special customer requests highlights the competence of our engineering team and sets us apart from our competitors. In the long run, the features of the UV50 pumps which are highly respected by our global users are not necessarily of an electronic nature. Provided the setup of the entire vacuum system is properly dimensioned and fine-tuned, what operators value is the speed and low need of service. The simple and infrequent maintenance requirements notably contribute to the engineering appeal of the UV50, which is the largest and only single stage, air-cooled pump with life expectancy of greater than 20 years.

* cit. Leonardo Da Vinci