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Swiss Quality Expectations


Swiss Quality Expectations


Supplies of batches with 20+ units to Striebig AG are regular since 2002. Compact vacuum stations consisting of receivers, filtration, connections pre-set and dedicated electric cabling serve the “vertical panel sawing machines” of Striebig in Switzerland. The vacuum holds the panel and allows sawing of the entire wood panel, without waste caused by any other clamping equipment. The collaboration works on the common ground of “Swiss Quality expectations”; in complete favour of both Striebig and Pneumofore, since we observe the come-back to proper engineering for machinery with long lasting performance, even if the initial purchasing price of our products is higher.

World brands of small capacity rotary vane vacuum pumps do not differ much anymore, they are quite popular in many industrial applications. What makes Pneumofore special is the accurate testing and finishing of tailored vacuum solutions, with the same care for these 100 m3/h as we do for large systems with up to several 10.000 m3/h of vacuum capacity.