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Vacuum Pumps for Infineon Technologies

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Vacuum Pumps for Infineon Technologies

In 2004, as Infineon Technologies established its facility in Dresden, Germany, the critical need for reliable rough vacuum pumps led them to evaluate various options. Back then, Pneumofore emerged as the selected supplier, despite its higher upfront investment. The decision fell on the unparalleled commitment to efficiency, highlighted by extended warranty terms and power consumption savings, which competitors couldn’t match. This foresight proved invaluable, as the pumps installed in 2004 have surpassed expectations, running continuously for over two decades without a hint of performance loss.

Pneumofore Centralized Vacuum System for the Semiconductor Industry

Over the years, as Infineon’s operations expanded and evolved, so did its reliance on Pneumofore’s technology. The integration of two additional UV16 Vacuum Pumps in 2013 marked another milestone in the enduring partnership, reaffirming Pneumofore’s consistency in delivering on its promises. Regular maintenance, combined with the use of genuine spare parts, became the cornerstone of sustaining peak performance, ensuring the continuously running of the pumps at optimal levels, year after year.

Fast forward to 2022 and 2023, and the growing demands of Infineon’s operations once again underscored the need for more vacuum pumps. With the UV16 units from 2004 still exceeding predictions, Pneumofore was the natural choice yet again. This time, however, a new chapter unfolded as the pumps were customized with advanced features like Variable Speed Drive and water cooling, aligning with Infineon’s evolving needs and further enhancing efficiency.

A new special requirement was the Harmonics Filter, to be added in the electric cabinet, ensuring smooth operation and minimizing electromagnetic interference. With this addition, the pumps were not just ‘Support Equipment’; they became integral components finely tuned to Infineon’s specifications. Moreover, the integration of advanced monitoring systems elevated the pumps to a new level of intelligence. The running data of each machine is transmitted to the central control room, creating a network of real-time feedback. This not only allowed for precise performance tracking but also empowered engineers to remotely adjust settings, fine-tune operations, and even modify the vacuum set-point with ease and accuracy. The synergy between cutting-edge technology and seamless control gave rise to a manufacturing environment characterized by unprecedented precision and adaptability.

Today, the Dresden facility stands as a testament to the enduring tradition of Pneumofore’s UV16 Vacuum Pumps, boasting a fleet of eight UV16 units collectively delivering a capacity of approximately 8.000 m³/h. Beyond the borders of Germany, Pneumofore’s reputation for excellence has overtaken continents, with its rough vacuum pumps setting the benchmark for performance worldwide. The ripple effect of Infineon’s success story has sparked the expansion of installations, particularly in Asia, where Pneumofore’s technology continues to redefine industry criteria and inspire confidence.

In a landscape where reliability is not just a preference but a necessity, Pneumofore’s UV16 Vacuum Pumps have emerged as the preferred solution, embodying a two-decade-long legacy at Infineon Technologies, Dresden, and beyond. As the journey continues, the partnership between Pneumofore and Infineon stands as a proof to the power of innovation, trust, and dedication to excellence.