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Centralized Vacuum for the Food Industry at Foodex 2018
April 12, 2018
Foodex is the UK's premier trade show for the food and drink processing, packaging and ingredients industry. For the first time, Pneumofore participates at the event presenting its entire range of Rotary Vane vacuum and compressed air solutions for the worldwide food industry. Spotlights will be on its centralised vacuum systems as well as its vacuum cooling offering for bakeries and food processing. The water vapour suction capabilities and the monitored vacuum level according to the production demand are ideal for the food industry and processing. In 95 years of history, Pneumofore has collected a global experience in these sectors with installations that can be found on the 5 continents, from Asia to the Americas. The company’s references embrace the entire spectrum of the industry, from food processing to bakeries, from pasta production to meat packaging and bottling.
Can Industry Events 2018
Can Industry Events 2018
March 28, 2018
In a can factory, compressed air and vacuum account for 50% of the overall electrical power consumption. Therefore, durability, energy efficiency and constant performance over time are key parameters for the correct equipment investment that looks beyond the purchasing price. As a leading solutions provider of vacuum and compressed air systems for the 2 pcs can industry, Pneumofore is listed in the all major international conferences and tradeshows of this sector. Recently the company was welcomed as a keynote speaker at GulfCan conference, held in Dubai (UAE), and the Euro CanTech conference in Milan (Italy). Large interest has been raised by the low Life Cycle Cost of Pneumofore Rotary Vane solutions compared to high long-term costs of other technologies such as screw pumps and compressors. Our environmental criteria against planned obsolescence, water waste and carbon emissions have been highly appreciated, as our machines are running 24/7 for decades with air instead of water cooling and notably reduce the energy consumption. During 2018, Pneumofore will participate also at Asia CanTech that will be held from 29 to 31 October in Bangkok.
Pnuemofore VRU Vacuum Solutions
Vapor Recovery Solutions at StocExpo Europe 2018
March 23, 2018
StockExpo Europe, the Nr. 1 international event for specialists in the tank terminal industry held in Rotterdam from 20 to 22 March, concluded with a successful first participation for Pneumofore. The company presented its full range of vacuum and compressed air solutions for tank storage, including VRU vacuum units, gas compressors and vacuum systems for pipeline drying. In particular, the Vapor Recovery vacuum solutions have raised the interest of visitors in search of durable and reliable equipment, able to offer constant performance and trouble-free operation even in harsh or extreme environments. Pneumofore’s constant R&D efforts allow the full integration of its rotary vane vacuum and compressed air products in the tank terminal industrial sector and in the oil and gas industry. The Air-Ends are Atex certified and are successfully running in many installations, mainly in Europe and Asia, for the recovery of gasoline or specific vapors. The high technical level and quality of the contacts is motivating the company to further increase its presence in similar international exhibitions and conferences in 2018.
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More than 20.000 Visitors for “Pretiosa Vitrea”
February 5, 2018
Pretiosa Vitrea, the exhibition dedicated to the evolution of glass manufacturing in history, concluded successfully at the National Archaeological Museum of Florence in Italy. Sponsored by Pneumofore, the project drew high levels of interest from both the academic world and general public, attracted by the quality and beauty of the glass artifacts on display: over 300 unique glass findings manufactured by ancient Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks and Romans. Among the notable visits, the exhibition was honored by the presence of the Queen Mother Beatrix of the Netherlands accompanied by her entourage. Her Majesty showed great admiration for the project and the showcased artifacts. Pneumofore, strongly committed to the glass industry and cultural responsibility, financially contributed to unveil this prestigious and invaluable glass heritage. Promoted by the Sehen Foundation in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum, the exhibition was held under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and it is described in a content-rich catalogue (ISBN: 9788874398041). We invite you to watch the video report available on the Sehen Foundation website.
New Service Center for Latin America
New Service Center for Latin America
February 2, 2018
As part of Pneumofore’s commitment to be closer to its worldwide customers, the company has certified a new Service Center in Latin America. Through Ontal, its exclusive local agent for Mexico, the company provides timely and comprehensive technical support, including evaluation, installation and maintenance for all its vacuum and compressed air systems operating in Central and South America. The Ontal’s technicians have been factory-trained to provide prompt response and on-site support to customers operating in varied industrial applications, from hollow glass to can production, from food packaging to tire moulding.
UV4 Mexico
Performance Excellence
October 24, 2017
Three UV4 VS vacuum pumps are improving the process by reducing to 50% the time required to load the production line with polymers. The new system is in Multimaster configuration with sequential running of each unit, where two pumps are in operation within the frequency range of 35 to 60 Hz, one is on stand-by. The ambient temperature can reach 50°C, the machines’ ventilation was sized accordingly. Installation in Mexico.
Pretiosa Vitrea
“Pretiosa Vitrea” and the Evolution of Glass Manufacturing in History
October 10, 2017
As old as the invention of writing, glassmaking is accompanying the human history since its early beginnings. To draw the public’s attention to the idea of glass as an ‘eternal’ tool, Pneumofore sponsored the exhibition “Pretiosa Vitrea - The Art of Glass Manufacturing in The Museums and Private Collections of Tuscany”, held from 17 October 2017 to 29 January 2018 at the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, Italy. The project, made possible by the financial contribution of Pneumofore, gives prominence to the evolution of glass manufacturing in history through the display of ancient and rare glass artifacts, nowadays preserved in state museums and private collections. Promoted by the Sehen Foundation in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum, the exhibition is held under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and it is accompanied by a content-rich catalogue (ISBN: 9788874398041). Pneumofore, strongly committed to the glass industry and cultural responsibility, promptly supported the rediscovery of this prestigious glass heritage whose significance is invaluable.