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2019 News & Events

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication
Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication*
May 29, 2020
The most popular Pneumofore product is the UV50 Vacuum Pump. Here are 5 units being prepared for shipping. They will be in operation at a major European hollow glass manufacturing plant. All these pumps are air-cooled, equipped with Variable Speed drive for frequency variation from 30 to 65 Hz. This allows a wide range of capacity from 1.650 to 17.800 m3/h, at any vacuum level setpoint between 50 and 450 mbar(a), [16 to 28,4‘’ Hg vacuum] with constant efficiency. The customer chose Rockwell components for the electrical cabinet. They are all equipped with PLC for remote control by means of the exclusive Pneumofore central vacuum system management device, named VacMan. Pneumofore flexibility in adapting to special customer requests highlights the competence of our engineering team and sets us apart from our competitors. In the long run, the features of the UV50 pumps which are highly respected by our global users are not necessarily of an electronic nature. Provided the setup of the entire vacuum system is properly dimensioned and fine-tuned, what operators value is the speed and low need of service. The simple and infrequent maintenance requirements notably contribute to the engineering appeal of the UV50, which is the largest and only single stage, air-cooled pump with life expectancy of greater than 20 years.
* cit. Leonardo Da Vinci
Pneumofore at Latamcan 2020
Focus on Energy Efficiency at Latamcan
March 27, 2020
As a leading supplier of centralized vacuum and air systems for the 2-pcs can industry, Pneumofore was welcomed as a keynote speaker at Latamcan 2020, the technical conference and exhibition for canmakers and suppliers operating in the Latin America metal packaging sector. Held in São Paulo, Brazil, the event is among the major international conferences and tradeshows of this sector. High audience participation and interest was raised by the low Life Cycle Cost approach of Pneumofore Rotary Vane solutions, presented at the technical forum by Rolf Hilfiker, Pneumofore CEO. The presentation focused on the high energy savings that can be achieved with the correct pressure setting in the supply of compressed air and vacuum. In particular, in 2-pc can production, the splitting of compressed air in high and low pressure loops can be extremely cost effective. On the vacuum side, a conservative high vacuum level approach is often useless, unexpectedly highly expensive and not environmentally friendly. The company’s environmental values versus planned obsolescence, water waste and carbon emissions was also highly appreciated. The expanding presence in Central and South America is an acknowledgment of Pneumofore commitment to supply the can industry with pneumatic machines designed for maximum durability, energy efficiency and constant performance over time.
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A520.8 with 20 Months Pay-Back
December 9, 2019
As is frequently the case, customers who have successfully installed Pneumofore UV Series vacuum pumps return to us when considering an air compressor. After 10 years of smooth, trouble-free operation with our vacuum pumps, asking for a quotation from Pneumofore is the natural choice. Notwithstanding the higher price point, some customers trust their natural instincts, having had such positive experience with our other products and rather than opting for the questionably attractive lower costs competitor's machines, they choose the Pneumofore Rotary Vane compressor. This was the position of Next Can Innovation (NCI) in Thailand. Our UV pumps have been running almost continuously since 2017 in their Variable Speed version. In 2019 when the requirement of a new air compressor arose, NCI decided to invest in a new Pneumofore machine. The A520.8 air compressor is in the Hot Climate version with Variable Speed. Following the start-up in November 2019, the results were amazing: the measured electrical power was reduced from absorbed 700 to 540 Amps. Considering the local cost of electricity, the pay-back time of this Rotary Vane compressor is as low as 20 months only.
Pneumofore A400 Rotary Vane Air Compressors
True Workhorses for Non-Stop Production
November 29, 2019
The A400 air compressors shown in the picture have been running continuously for three years. Operating in harsh conditions, with ambient temperatures ranging from -10 °C in winter to +40 °C during the summer, these air-cooled machines were merely paused for maintenance purposes. The initial 23.000 hours of operation represent only the end of the break-in for these compressors. Their Rotary Vane Air-End, which is the core of Pneumofore technology, is built to last and run smoothly with top efficiency for decades. The units’ reliability is the foundation to achieve extraordinary results, but it is not sufficient alone: required is a proper state-of-art installation which is simplified by following the system engineering support included in every Pneumofore solution. We are proud to have surpassed the customer's expectations and look forward to additional orders for installations in rough climate conditions.
Pneumofore at Asia CanTech 2019
Pneumofore at Asia CanTech 2019
November 29, 2019
The Asia CanTech 2019 conference in Bangkok had an enormous success with prestigious guests from South East Asia, seeking for the latest technology and innovations in can manufacturing. The event confirmed to be a must-attend networking platform to connect with all the industry’s top-players. Pneumofore featured among the key-note speakers and introduced its centralized vacuum and compressed air solutions for can lines with the presentation "No Air, No Cans" hold by the President, Eng. Daniel Hilfiker. The discussion focused on various topics, including: the full PLC monitoring integration in can factories; the Variable Speed operation of vacuum pumps and compressors; the optimized efficiency as result of precise pressure level setting; and the advantages of the low pressure loop. The talk attracted great attention, considering that 50% of the electrical energy in 2-piece can lines is spent on running compressors and vacuum pumps. Eng. Hilfiker highlighted the importance to consider the operating costs over 10 years, the extended performance warranties and the environmental impact before purchasing a new vacuum or compressed air system. Pneumofore has enthusiastic global references including, without going too far from Asia CanTech, the endorsement of the over 40 units of UV Series vacuum pumps and A Series air compressor operating in Thailand. Running 24/7 since 2007 with no overhauling need, these 12-year installations underpins the durable and trouble-free performance of Pneumofore machines.
China Glass 2019
Raising Energy Efficiency Standards @China Glass
May 23, 2019
Pneumofore is a traditional exhibitor at China Glass, the Nr. 1 glass industry tradeshow in PRC and one of the leading events for the Asian market, held this year in Beijing from 22 to 25 May. In collaboration with its local distributor, Ninesun, the company presents its state-of-art vacuum and compressed air system solutions for glass production, designed for maximum durability, high efficiency over decades and the lowest Life Cycle Cost. Energy efficiency, in particular, have rocketed up China’s corporate agenda and the leading glass manufacturer are making impressive headway on this matter. Like Changyu Glass, the main wine bottles manufacturer in the country and one of the top-four in the Chinese glass containers sector. The company relied on Pneumofore to expand and optimize its Yantai glasswork with over forty A Series compressors, after experiencing the superior reliability and efficiency of the UV Series vacuum pumps. With a total nominal power of over 12.000 kW, this project represents the largest compressed air installation realized by Pneumofore for a single glasswork. The installation decreased the overall energy consumption of at least the 15% as testified by the President of Changyu Glass, Zhu Pengcheng, in this video. Higher profits are strictly related to energy efficiency and making the difference in this highly competitive industrial world is a commitment for Pneumofore. When comparing the high-standard of Pneumofore Rotary Vane machines with other - probably cheaper - technologies, focusing only on the purchasing price can result in overspending on everything else: power usage, frequent maintenance needs, overhauling and the unfair planned obsolescence. Who pays in the long-term?
Glassman South America 2019
Pneumofore at Glassman South America
May 14, 2019
Pneumofore returns to Brazil on the occasion of Glassman South America 2019, the international exhibition for the hollow glass sector taking place on 14-15 May in São Paulo. The event brings together glass manufacturers, international experts and decision-makers, offering an ideal networking platform to discover the latest industry’s trends and innovations. South America is confirming itself as one of the most dynamic regions in the container glass industry, thanks to the growing demand, strategic location and favorable economic conditions. Pneumofore is expanding its presence in the area as a leading supplier of vacuum and compressed air solutions for glass manufacturing, setting the benchmark for the lowest operational cost and the maximum durability and efficiency over decades.
StocExpo Europe 2019
VRU Vacuum Solutions at StocExpo Europe
March 26, 2019
After a successful first participation in 2018, Pneumofore renews its presence at StocExpo Europe, the largest international event for the tank terminal industry held from 26 to 28 March in Rotterdam. The company presents its full range of vacuum solutions and compressors for tank storage, with spotlights on the VRU vacuum units for vapour recovery and degassing. Offering constant performance and trouble-free operation over decades even in extreme environments, these units are Atex-certified and are successfully running in many worldwide installations for the recovery of gasoline or specific vapours. Pneumofore’s constant focus on R&D innovation allows the full integration of its Rotary Vane machines in the tank terminal industry as well as in Oil&Gas operations, with tailored solutions that include gas compressors and mobile vacuum systems for pipeline drying.
Glassman Asia 2019
Efficiency Criteria for long-term Energy Savings
January 10, 2019
Glassman Asia, the exhibition and conference for the hollow glass industry in Jakarta on the last 2 days of January 2019, represents an important meeting opportunity for glass professionals operating in East Asia. Pneumofore is a traditional exhibitor at the international Glassman events and features among the key-speakers at the concurrent technical conference. Our Senior Engineer Daniel Hilfiker will held a speech on January 30 focused on key considerations for the selection of air compressors and vacuum pumps, with efficiency and energy taken into account on the long-run. The technical attitude of the presentation is guaranteed by the core engineering nature of our company and refers to solid data collected over decades of experience. Pneumofore counts numbers of installations in Asia with customers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, China and other neighbouring countries. They are all testimonials of the long-term efficiency and the trouble-free operation of our compressors and vacuum pumps for glass manufacturing and other applications. We look forward to meet you in Jakarta at booth No. B12 to discuss solutions of compressed air and vacuum supply for the moulding of hollow glass.