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Vapor Recovery Solutions at StocExpo Europe 2018


Solutions for Vapor Recovery at StocExpo Europe 2018

Pnuemofore VRU Vacuum Solutions

StockExpo Europe, the Nr. 1 international event for specialists in the tank terminal industry held in Rotterdam from 20 to 22 March, concluded with a successful first participation for Pneumofore. The company presented its full range of vacuum and compressed air solutions for tank storage, including VRU vacuum units, gas compressors and vacuum systems for pipeline drying. In particular, the Vapor Recovery vacuum solutions have raised the interest of visitors in search of durable and reliable equipment, able to offer constant performance and trouble-free operation even in harsh or extreme environments. Pneumofore’s constant R&D efforts allow the full integration of its rotary vane vacuum and compressed air products in the tank terminal industrial sector and in the oil and gas industry. The Air-Ends are Atex certified and are successfully running in many installations, mainly in Europe and Asia, for the recovery of gasoline or specific vapors. The high technical level and quality of the contacts is motivating the company to further increase its presence in similar international exhibitions and conferences in 2018.